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Advice About the New Presidency, Where Do We Go From Here?

It is a new year and we will soon have a new president. No matter which side of this new presidency you were on, this election left many of us battered and breathless. How can we navigate through these trying times so we can encourage our family and others? By practicing these 5 Steps called TTWDB, you will develop tools to practice being gentler and kinder when communicating with others; especially, when the world appears harsh.

T-THINK: Give yourself a moment to step outside the noise of the twenty-four hour news cycle. Ponder what this presidency means to you and the people in your life. Widen your thoughts outward, through your community, neighborhood, city, state, country. Try to put yourself in the shoes of another.
T-TALK: Reach out. Share your thoughts in a respectful and open manner. Do not forget that an important part of talking is also listening.
W-WRITE: Let the paper absorb your reaction to this new presidency. Start with your expectations and describe the way the events unfolded in your life. What do you believe will happen? How will you experience the events physically and emotionally? Write about your choices, what you have learned with any discoveries you’ve made. Do not censor yourself. Let it all out. Do not worry about whether it is “good” writing because you are only writing for yourself.
D-DO: Offer your services to others. Check out these websites to find volunteer opportunities all around the city:

B-BE: You do not need formal meditation or mindfulness practice to spend a few minutes or more each day just being in your body. Take a walk around your neighborhood and really notice the changing of the leaves on a tree, listen to a favorite piece of music and/or read a poem. Perhaps try eating a meal in silence, focusing on the taste and texture of your food.
The key to the steps- think, talk, write, do, be as outlined above, or TTWDB, is “action.” We all have work to do and actions to take. Let these steps offer a map of where to begin.
It is a new year and new day. Now, the question to ask yourself is, what steps can you take today?