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What is a Family Behavior Plan?

By April 30, 2018Blogs

A big misunderstanding about family behavior plans is that they are punishments for kids.  Some kids also worry that family behavior plans mean giving their parents all control or rule over their life.  That is not what they are meant for! What family behavior plans really are:

  • An opportunity to make changes that match up with your family values
  • A plan that involves all members in the family and allows everyone a chance to work TOGETHER instead of AGAINST each other
  • Clear expectations of what YOU have to do and of what your parents have to do so there is NO CONFUSION
  • Motivation to make changes AND getting rewarded for the hard work
  • A reminder that you have CHOICES
  • Options of what you can DO to beat your OCD/Anxiety monster-bully, INSTEAD of letting it control you
  • A reminder that you have the ability to control your own body and decisions—that you ARE strong, you ARE kind, you CAN do it!

Here are some ways you can be part of designing your family behavior plan and making sure your voice is heard:

  • Come up with family values that are important to you and your family such as:
    • Love
    • Kindness
    • Respect
    • Honesty
    • Fun
  • Make a list of rewards you want to earn like:
    • Family camping trip
    • Sports game tickets
    • X-box/PS games
    • Art set
    • Bag or purse
    • Guitar
  • Create a system to track your accomplishments and go out with your parent(s) to buy the supplies so you can come back home and put it together.
    • Marbles in a jar
    • Stickers to post on a chart
    • Tally system using markers
    • Coloring in empty boxes on a paper
    • Tokens to collect