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10 Alternatives for Unplugging: “Unplug” for A Day (Part 2)

By March 1, 2014Blogs

In the January issue, I wrote about the benefits of “unplugging” for a day – a day where you turn off all electronics and find alternative ways to relax, revive, and reconnect with others. Turning off your electronics may feel foreign to you. Here are some fun and relaxing things you can do without the use of technology to ease stress, take care of yourself, and enjoy the company of those you love.

1. Yoga. You can join a class, practice at home, or even do yoga as a family! Increase your strength and flexibility, while relaxing at the same time.
2. Spa day. You can head to a luxurious spa for a massage, facial, or manicure-pedicure. Looking for a more cost-effective option? Invite friends over for a manicure party or take turns with your children painting each others’ nails.
3. Cook. Just make sure you know the recipe beforehand! Cooking is a fun activity to do as a family. Plus, you get to eat a delicious meal afterwards.
4. Write letters. People love getting mail. Send a letter of gratitude to someone who has recently helped you. Write a funny story to an old friend. Writing a letter is a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them and it is more personal than an email or a text.
5. Go for a walk. This is a great activity to do solo or with loved ones. Walking has numerous health benefits – it can increase your energy levels and help you sleep better. Use this time to clear your mind.
6. Read. Find a good book to read or pull one of your favorites off the shelf. No reading on a Kindle or an iPad!
7. Volunteer. Spend a day helping others. You will feel good and help others to feel good too. Before you unplug, head to for volunteer ideas.
8. Play a board game. Family game night is a fun way to get the whole family to unplug for a few hours. Playing cards or doing a puzzle together will be fun too!
9. Get creative. Spend some time flexing your creativity or picking up a new hobby. Try painting, writing, singing, sculpting, drawing, knitting, or performing.
10. Get physical. Physical activity is healthy for your body and mind and doesn’t have to be intensive. Walking, dancing, swimming, and biking are great low-impact alternatives. And if you’re looking to really get your heart rate up, try running, climbing, skiing, biking, or rowing.

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