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Six Cool Places to Take a Selfie This Summer

By June 30, 2016April 6th, 2021Ashley Bramhall, M.A., Blog, Blogs

You’re probably used to your parents nagging you to get off your phones, stop taking selfies, and get out of the house to enjoy the real world.  What if this summer you could appease them by experiencing Los Angeles with your friends and fighting off the boredom that summer can bring, all while continuing to take your selfies?

Below is your one-stop-shop list of cool places to get you out of the house, taking selfies, and practicing the skills you have learned at RFC. Share your list with your friends and start a friendly challenge to see who can capture the most selfies from different places and unique spaces this summer break.

  1. Star Eco Station – Have an animal phobia? This is the place for you! Star Eco Station is an environmental science museum and exotic wildlife rescue haven for endangered and illegally trafficked animals confiscated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  1. Red Carpet Kids – An experiential entertainment and event company that specializes in immersive red carpet experiences for Kids and Families. Walking the red carpet can cause social anxiety for even the biggest celebrities, so this is the perfect opportunity to practice social and performance exposures.
  1. The Last Bookstore – California’s largest used and new book and record store is the best place to be if you have order or symmetry OCD. What better place to do a little ERP, then a bookstore? Don’t get so caught up with your exposures and forget to take your selfie though!
  1. Chinatown Summer Nights – Some of the coolest DJs, bands, and food trucks gathered in a colorful setting, makes for a winning party. If you experience anxiety from certain foods, you can throw in a mindful eating exercise (or 2!) while you’re there!
  1. Sunset Ranch Hollywood – Take a 1 or a 2 hour guided tour through the hills of Griffith Park. From this 5,000 acre park in the heart of Los Angeles you will see the famous Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory and Downtown Los Angeles. This place is perfect for a mindful walk.

 6. Maze Rooms – Real escape games are all the rave in the future of entertainment and a great opportunity to wind up your brain. Solve puzzles, find clues, and use tips to advance. Collect your keys and open the door to victory. If the feeling of being trapped gives you panic attacks, make sure to practice your interoceptive cues before going! This is a time to face your fear head on!