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nOCD App

By March 1, 2016April 6th, 2021Ashley Bramhall, M.A., Blog, Blogs

We are excited to announce the soft launching of a new app, nOCD which debuted on February 20, 2016. Developed to bridge the gap between the patient and mental health practitioners, nOCD offers customized on-the-go ERP guidance, real-time objective data, platforms to manage and engage in a structured ERP plan and yes, it has HIPAA regulated connectivity.
This “all-in-one” treatment app offers a centralized place for patients and their mental health clinician to collect objective data to gain a better understanding of their OCD and its symptoms. With the on-the-go features users have in-the-moment tools to fight their OCD symptoms whenever and wherever an episode is triggered. To read more about nOCD visit their website at  Get your app today at the AppStore.
Team Picture: Left to right: Daniel Greenfeld, Co-Founder of nOCD and Marketing Expert, Ethan Prater-Fahey, Web Developer and Computer Science Student at Pomona College, Stephen Smith Co-Founder of nOCD, OCD Patient, and student at Pomona College)