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Celebrating Children’s Mental Health Awareness ACTION Week

By May 1, 2012Blogs

Renewed Freedom Center is excited to participate in National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week on May 5th – 11th! We believe that raising awareness is important especially when it is our goal to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of pediatric OCD and related anxiety disorders. However, being aware and knowledgeable does not necessarily mean something is actually being done. What we need is ACTION!

What can you do to take action? Join the fight to REMOVE the stigma!
Stigma is the major obstacle sufferers of mental disorders face every single day. Especially now that National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is coming, it is crucial for each and every one of us to speak out and DO something for children suffering from mental illness. There are as many as 1 out of every 5 young people quietly struggling today, too afraid to say anything until they are in crisis. Yet there are still a whole lot of people who ignore and believe that “emotional problems” simply go away.
How can we make a difference? Let’s open up conversations with our children, students, relatives, and friends. We should not be afraid to talk about mental illness. It does not have to be embarrassing or scary, because it’s an ongoing health concern. And based on the mind-body connection, if you’re not mentally healthy, your also won’t be physically healthy.
An effective method of talking about mental health disorders is through peer-to-peer communication. Schools are the places where youths interact most with other youths. For parents and teachers: let’s give kids the opportunity to make conversations about mental illness an ongoing possibility. Educate them early about mental disorders and talk about prevention. Give them tools to address mental illness among their peers, families, communities, and even within themselves. Help them feel supported, not bullied. Bullying is a form of stigma!
We hope that as National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week approaches, all will choose to stand against the stigma. Spread the word about mental health disorders. Speak out and don’t be ashamed. Open up conversations and be a supportive force. For all the children struggling with