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What To Do With Your Angry Feels??

By October 31, 2015November 19th, 2020Blogs, Dr. Jenny Yip

Anger is a natural emotion that we all experience. Some people get angry from time to time while others are angry more often than not. No matter how often you are experiencing anger, it is what you do with your anger that really matters. There is no right way to deal with anger, however there are definitely WRONG ways!

Let’s start with the wrong ways. No matter what happens, hitting or kicking a person, animal, or thing (unless it’s a punching bag) is never the answer. It may feel like it in the moment, but I promise you it’s not in the end. It is also not acceptable to lash out at someone or something verbally. Remember that you cannot take back words or undo how you have made someone feel.
Now that I have bored you with things you can’t do (I am sure you have already heard a bazillion times anyways), time for the good stuff! When you feel your angry feels coming on, stop and breathe. Gather yourself and gain control so you can make a good decision. Below are just a few of those good decisions you could make:

  • Grab a friend that you can trust and talk it out.
  • Draw a picture. Even better, draw a bunch of pictures with all your anger in them. Make them big, colorful angry pictures. You can even make mad noises as you draw.
  • Put your angry pictures in the freezer to cool off. The refrigerator works too.
  • Scream into your pillow.
  • Go out in the back yard and dig a hole (with permission). Or just pretend to dig in your living room. Put all your anger down in the hole. Then cover it up and jump up and down, stomping on the anger.
  • Put your anger in soap bubbles and blow them away. Watch those feels float up to the sun and poof!
  • Act out your anger with dolls, stuffed animals or superhero action figures.
  • Take yourself to a safe place and talk to yourself.
  • Get permission to tear up an old magazine. Rip each page out, one by one and then throw those mad angry feels away by putting all the pages in the trash.
  • Get permission to put your anger in a raw egg. Write the name of the person you are mad at on an egg. Go to a wide open space and pull up all your feels to put in the egg. Throw your anger as far as you can and yell and scream … “Aaaaagh!”

Like I said before, these are just a few ways to deal with your anger. I would love to know what you do with your angry feels. Write me at with some of your ideas!

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